dhawards2015As every year since 2012, the Digital Humanities Awards 2015 produced a list of resources published during 2015. 54 resources were nominated by 140 people and the result of the vote (1862 voters) was made public a few days ago. As these awards are intended to be “an awareness raising activity, to help put interesting DH resources in the spotlight and engage DH users (and general public) in the work of the community”, and as I personally nominated a resource (and got 2 of my blog posts nominated, thank you!), this post encourage you to browse them and discover new projects, tools and blogs!

Best DH Tool or Suite of Tools

DanteSources1 DanteSources

3dhop2 3DHOP: 3D Heritage Online Presenter

Alcide3 ALCIDE (Analysis of Language and Content in a Digital Environment)

Other nominees (alphabetically):  digEds_cat: Catalogue of Digital Editions | GEPHI Open Graph Software |  Hentaigana App | KD: Keyphrase Digger |  Princeton University Library: Modern language translations of Byzantine sources and Digitized Greek manuscripts | Pundit | Scalar | TEI Processing Model Toolbox | The SAT Daizokyo Text Database

 Best DH Blog post of Series of Posts

AWOL1 AWOL: The Ancient World Online Blog

Bond2 Sarah E. Bond: Late Antiquity, Digital Humanities, and Musings on the Classical World

Grandjean13 Martin Grandjean: [Network analysis] Digital Humanities on Twitter, a small-world?

Other nominees (alphabetically):  Antonio Rojas Castro: Ser “joven investigador” en HD | 人文情報学月報 / Digital Humanities Monthly Dominic Forest: Les mots de la campagne / The words of the campaign | Fonte Gaia Blog | Literature Geek: Digital Dissertation | Kathryn Greenan: The Inner Workings of a History Major’s Mind | Library and Information Technology Association Blog | Miriam Posner: Rehabbing DH101 | Orla Egan Blog  |  Scholarly Data Visualisations |  Syuzhet Blog Posts (From Anglophile in Academia: Annie Swafford’s Blog)

 Best Use of DH For Public Engagement

alchemy1 Alchimia di Jackson Pollock / Jackson Pollock: Alchemy in 3D

codexmendoza2 Digital Codex Mendoza

artyhum3 ArtyHum Revista Digital de Artes y Humanidades

Other nominees (alphabetically):  Aagaards Billeder / Aagaard’s Photos | CEISMIC: Canterbury Earthquake Digital Archive DIY History | E-Humanities Group Amsterdam | Infinite Ulysses | The Bliss-Tyler Correspondence | Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern | Wearing Gay History

 Best DH Data Visualization

MappingMetaphor1 Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus: Metaphor Map of English

AustralianPrints2 Centre for Australian Art: Australian Prints + Printmaking

GrandjeanShakespeare3 Martin Grandjean: Network visualization: mapping Shakespeare’s tragedies

Other nominees (alphabetically):  Belfast Group Poetry | Networks | Burckhardt Source Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge | Electric Archaeology: If I could read your mind – Sonifying John Adams’ Diary | Theodor Fontane Notizbücher | Wayang Kontemporer

 Best Use of DH For Fun

pagans1 PAGANS (Playful Art: a GAme oN Similarity)

airome2 AiRome

panopticam3 The Panopticam

Other nominees (alphabetically):  Society Game | Stamp History |  The Vintage Face Depot | TiWoLi App: Today In World Literature | Vorlesungsverzeichniskommentargenerator