The top-secret documents recently released by Edward Snowden through the Washington Post reveal the funding of the U.S. intelligence agencies. To complete the great work of the graphic designers of the Washington Post, I propose that simple overall visualization:

U.S. Intelligence Funding "Black Budget" leaked by Edward SnowdenFull screen here. (CC) license – freely reusable with link to this post.


It appears that the 2013 budget of the National Intelligence Program totaled $52.6 billion. This sum is divided among a multitude of actors, but five agencies are particularly endowed: CIA (28%), NSA (21%), NRO (20%), NGP (9%) and GDIP (8%).

About the use of money, four category are distinguished. An important part of the total amount is spent in the “data collection” category (gathering raw information, surveillance, satellites, covert actions…). The data is then exploited and analyzed. The “management” category is also financially important (determining issues and tasks).

[/threecol_one_first][threecol_one] U.S. Intelligence black budget [/threecol_one][threecol_one_last] Intelligence agencies black budget [/threecol_one_last]

I recommend you to visit the beautiful black/white interactive graphics of the Washington Post :

The Black Budget

And do not miss all the additional resources! I find this work remarkable. I just regret the lack of an overall view, which is why I offer this modest contribution.