A subway system is a key marker of the spatial organization of a city. The complexity this network is an indicator of the level of service in a metropolitan area: in proportion to their population, some small cities are better equipped than some international megacities.

The “metro quiz” below displays 15 metro networks: will you be able to guess, among three choices, which city each one represents?

  • As terminologies are different from one country to another, only the light rapid transit lines are displayed (no french RER or german S-Bahn, for example).
  • The purpose of this quiz is to show that the metro network of a city can be very different from the plan available to users.
  • As these networks are based on mathematical characteristics, do not rely on the orientation or other geographic features.
  • Remember that the attendance of a subway is not proportional to its size.
  • There is no trap, all cities proposed in the replies have a subway.


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